Accepting Repairs

We’re back!

I’m happy to announce that we are back in action for instrument and amp repairs. All drop-offs and pick-ups for service are by appointment only. You can schedule by calling or texting 412-837-9193 or by emailing Thanks for your patience! I hope to see your stuff on the bench soon.

Jason Cook


UPDATE 8/7/2019

Well, it’s been an interesting July. Time for an update!

Our retail store at 4123 Butler Street closed. We signed a new lease at 5401 Butler Street, Suite 200. We managed to finish the buildout on our lesson rooms, but in the process, I had a bad accident and ended up having to get surgery on my thumb to repair a severed tendon. As a result, I won’t be able to do much in the way of repairs for a few weeks; not to mention the fact that the new workshop isn’t finished being built yet. I’ve enlisted some help to get the shop walls finished, so as soon as I’m able, I will get back to fixing and building.

If we have an instrument in the shop that belongs to you, I have probably already finished it and contacted you. If not, I’m waiting a few more days until I have a little more use of my hand, or someone else’s hands, so that I can finish your repair.

Another reminder for those of you who missed it: WE ARE NO LONGER A RETAIL STORE. I don’t sell guitars or accessories or anything at this time. We’ll carry strings and parts for repair customers only right now. Please don’t show up at the new door asking to buy stuff. I don’t have any stuff.

Thanks for your patience! Can’t wait to share the new shop with everyone!

Jason Cook

Owner, Luthier, Tech